marketing incorporated

Our marketinc. approach is all about looking beyond the usual suspects. Marketing isn't just something for marketers. And your brands goals isn't just something for your brand only. Marketinc. identifies a wide range of stakeholders.



Increased efficiency



Too often organizational disciplines 'do their own thing', work in silos and focus on the usual suspects within their profession. Even within marketing this is happening.

By identifying stakeholders in any given discipline with the organization ideas get stronger, more realistic and accepted. Marketing isn't the preserve of marketers.


Likewise, reaching marketing goals within certain markets becomes more realistic and affordable by identifying stakeholders that share some of your interests.

Multi-marketing stakeholder management is a driver of marketing success. We call it marketinc.

Our Marketinc. approach opens up new possibilities by identifying and demonstrating opportunities of co-creation and alliances, both internally and outside.

We map possible stakeholders, identify shared and opposite values and goals, and suggest new routes for cooperation, including impact and revenue feasibility studies.

Our approach has generated disruptive marketing ideas, improved team collaboration and has caused for unexpected alliances.  |  T +32 (0)3 232 12 36

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