NTCP8 research on First Aid knowledge for ZNA Hospital Group Antwerp

November 2015


Over the past months, NTCP8 has conducted research for ZNA into First Aid and home safety knowledge among residents of the Antwerp region.


Existing research has indicated that accidents in and around home are the main cause of (deadly) injuries in Belgium and responsible for huge costs to healthcare and the economy. For the Benelux region this accounts for approximately 4.3 billion euros each year.


Through an online survey we asked residents how they’d respond in emergency type scenarios. Initial results show a considerable lack of First Aid know-how and that safety precautions are below acceptable.


  • On average, 50% of the First Aid knowledge questions were answered incorrectly.
  • Almost 50% of the participants say they don’t have smoke detectors in their home; 60% have no fire extinguisher.
  • Around 45% of participants have insufficient First Aid materials available.


In the upcoming months, NTCP8 and ZNA Hospital Group Antwerp will rollout the study on a larger scale, in conjunction with other stakeholders. Ultimately this will form the foundation for a public awareness campaign.

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