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Offroad Thinking is a modeling tool NTCP8 developed to deliver creative and workable ideas fast. It aggregates a variety of marketing, brainstorming and business modeling frameworks.

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Times are changing. The internet, 3D printing, drones, biotech, nanotech, technology is influencing business models in every industry. We’re seeing established brands die and new companies spring up faster than ever before. Technological democracy is breaking down market entry barriers, completely upsetting classic business models. How does your company thrive in such an environment?


For each brand, the new and especially the old, it is crucial to innovate and to anticipate future trends.


You must dare to go off-limits, outside the usual tracks and paths, for a short while at least.

Offroad thinking will help you do this, by delivering a refreshingly different perspective on your every day business.

Grounded in a nine themed model, we address the fundamental questions of design thinking, business modeling, portfolio and product development, product/market combinations, customer journey and innovation.

NTCP8 uses the Offroad Thinking framework with clients that are interested in looking at their business outside traditional models.


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