The ZNA hospital network is the largest health care provider in Belgium and with over 7.000 employees directly involved in care, amongst the biggest in Northern Europe.


ZNA was formed from several large governmental hospitals. As such, the current management feels there is a need to change and modernise organisational structure, strategy, goals and governance.

Part of this will be a more structured marketing approach in which marketing resources can be properly accounted for against clear set goals and KPIs.

An inventory and analysis of internal and external factors is helping us to understand which marketing approaches will serve ZNA best.

As part of that process, and in close cooperation with management and the marketing department, we are currently outlining marketing programs, activity calendars, performance measurement formats, audience messaging matrices and future marketing perspectives.


Ultimately this will result in improved and measureable marketing performance.


>    Marketing management

>    Innovations & ideas

>    Brand development

>    Positioning


Rationalizing the use of resources, manpower and money, against clear marketing goals.

Developing clear and measurable marketing programs.

Facilitating proof of concept innovations, within a performance framework.

Defining key 'top of mind' messaging per target audience.

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