3rd marketing

Some brands need more than incidental help or project-based advice from us. They want us to manage their brand in markets we know, and in which they have no offices, infrastructure or experience. To service and build on their brand around the clock, by a dedicated 3rd team.

Some brands originate from Asia, Middle East, Africa, or America, but want to operate in Northern Europe.  Although they might have some presence in the EMEA region already, they may not have offices in each country. They also don’t have the local expertise required. That’s where we come in.


In Northern European markets, companies can use our expertise to build their brands. We’ll respond and anticipate to local circumstances and help companies decide how to best build and nurture their brands to success.


Clients such as BSA | The Software Alliance and Sportsgrain have used 3rdmarketing for many years. These relationships are long lasting because they’ve been fruitful. To date we’ve executed 3rdmarketing programs in over 10 countries for many consecutive years.

We know that for a brand to be successful in a given country, having a great product or service often just isn’t enough.


A brand needs to select the right audiences and engage with them through the right channels. With the right concepts and tone of voice. Supported by a marketing management and customer service backbone to develop and maintain a healthy customer base and fruitful interactions.

If the numbers are big, a brand also needs to be supported by technology, good data mining, and an agile team of people that understand the brand and vertical thoroughly.


Please visit the 3rdmarketing website to learn more.

3rd Activities
  • Brand story, brand image and collateral development.

  • Customer service tele and online desks, with support and ticketing services.

  • Local stakeholder road shows and brand training.

  • Country analysis and assessments, including cultural analysis with Hofstede's 6D model

  • Omni channel offline and online campaigns, including virtually all media possible.

  • Marketing front end portals, personal pages, landing and campaign pages, catalogues, e-shops and mobile apps.

  • Marketing data driven backbone

  • Statistics & reporting, real time PowerBI's for brand stakeholders

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