Bakels Ovenvers

During some strategic reconnaissance we discovered that the market for home baking is growing. 

Bakels, as one of the world’s largest baking ingredients suppliers, had until then mainly been supplying ingredients to bakeries in bulk.


Based on our research, they invested in a consumer packaging line and started to supply to companies that deliver home baking products to the end user.


Since Bakels has a stronghold in bakery shops, they wanted this concept to be offered to bakeries too, as a 'ready to use' product.

Who knows more about baking than bakeries? So if your local bakery offers you baking mixes for home baking, they must be good quality and fresh.  And if the bakery offered you the right tools and guidance as well, you’re all the more likely to be successful.


Ovenvers ('oven fresh') allows local bakeries to capitalize on the home baking trend and avoid losing business.


At first glance, it might seem a mistake to cannibalize bread sales, but actually it strengthens relations with customers, increases loyalty, and has higher margins too.

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