Automation to the next level. Bisbrick allows for complex logic building and ultra tailored customer journeys.

The Bisbrick Business Automation Platform is an exceptionally smart  automation platform, in which complex logic can be defined to deal with various data sets and to design smart business and marketing funnels, both online and offline.


Although there are many automation solutions around, this is what makes Bisbrick special:

Capable of complex logic building, with all data available to combine in elaborate, multi layer WHAT IF ELSE rules

Super quick questionnaire and form building, in which each new question is directly available in logic building.

Easy funnel creation to suit every audience, persona or captured profile difference.

Based on many scenarios, the 'merge' of 1:1 advise for each individual profile (and data set). This allows for made to measure reporting, call to actions, cross and up-sell.

The Bisbrick platform needs to be shaped around a project goal. Other services, like data science, enrichment, and management, and connecting to API's are usually part of such a project.

The platform consists of different layers. Roughly there are 3 main parts, as illustrated below (click to enlarge).

Other features
  • Scalable SAAS solution.

  • Multilingual, if needed

  • Extensive CRM data base options, able to deal with millions of records.

  • Elaborate back end features to manage data records, campaigns, logic building, form building, bench marking and many more.

  • Attached back and front end, with specific landing or sub pages for each (sub) funnel.

  • Several campaign interaction modules, like DM, eDM, call center, and more.

  • In-platform communications module

  • Front and back end controlled access levels.

  • Lock/unlock options for each funnel phase.

  • Microsoft .NET, SQL and Azure based back bone.

  • GDPR proof governance


Some powerful examples of the Bisbrick Automation Platform adoption:

  • Complex assessment portal on software licensing such as the Microsoft SAM&C portal.

  • Multi level training portal, with exams, knowledge center, such as the Ingram Micro Premium Partner Program portal and the Copaco Cloud Value Academy.

  • Multi country, multi language, multi stakholder platform and campaign front end implemented for BSA The Software Alliance.

  • Dealing with lots of legislation within an assessment portal, in several white label GDPR Assessment initiatives and the EY GDPR portal.

Since Bisbrick allows for quick and various funnel building, with its own logic for each funnel, there is a powerful option to attach funnels, even outside of your brand. Customers in a journey will be assessed on certain proof of profile points, on which they might be switched to different tools and solutions, or handed over to a different brand or campaign.

If you are interested in the Bisbrick platform, please contact us and we'll be happy to provide extra information, price indications and a demo of the system.

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