For marketers, understanding thoughts and behaviour of target audiences is key. 

Looking at past trends and behaviour is a valuable first resource. However, this requires profound data collection and data mining to be already in place. This isn’t possible with a new campaign.


Rationales for audience drivers may also be uncovered by engagement with the audience through quantitative research (e.g. via social and web questionnaires) and qualitative research (e.g. by group discussions and focus groups).

We know, however, that product and brand associations are often difficult to uncover by using direct questioning. This is simply because audiences themselves are not always capable of truly expressing deeper inner thoughts and associations.

Therefore a variety of in-depth and projective interview techniques are used to uncover what's ‘beneath the surface'.

Brain Mapping

Uncovering what target audiences think and what drives their behaviour is a crucial element of marketing. It is one of our starting points when we develop and devise campaigns. It’s something we call brain mapping.

The NTCP8 brainmapping program combines some or all of the aforementioned approaches, depending on the specific case and budget.


We understand the desire to allocate budget to media reach, but having great insights is essential too.

Depending on the chosen format, we make use of multiple techniques such as type-casting, personas, visual stimuli like picture sorting, story telling, value chains, thought bubbles and dyads and triads.

It all comes down to choosing the right techniques for you, given the audience, topic, time and budget. Doing this properly will give you valuable insights.

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