BSA Sorry vs Serious

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BSA | The Software Alliance is the leading advocate for the global software industry, representing the industry’s interests with governments and in the international marketplace. Its members are among the world’s largest and most innovative companies, whose software helps power the economy and improve every aspect of modern life.


BSA is active in over 80 countries, promoting the value of software and defending its members’ intellectual property. More information about BSA can be found here.


In its fight against software piracy, BSA | The Software Alliance comes across many excuses from companies that are facing the legal consequences of their piracy.

Instead of saying sorry, it’s time to be serious and start working on proper software compliance. It's sorry versus serious.

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This campaign showed how foolish it is to risk using pirated software. 

Software only represents 2%, on average, of the total spend per employee, but some companies still take the risk – they’re penny wise, pound foolish.

We think we’ve heard every excuse under the sun... but have we really? We challenged companies to share the excuses they hear when doing business. 

And we shared ours. We went as far to release the 'Sorrydiculous guide' with instructions on how to create new and creative excuses and tricks when the BSA threaten you with a fine or conviction - not that an excuse is going to help you.

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