Elephant Parade

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The Asian elephant is on the brink of extinction. With the population dropping radically in recent years, and its habitat shrinking fast due to suburbanization, this unique species is struggling to survive.

But if we try to conserve their migration routes, work towards ways of combining nature, agriculture and urbanization, we might be able to share this planet in harmony with species like the Asian Elephant for many more generations to come.


If we don't, soon the only place to see these creatures will be in a book, next to the dodo.

Elephant Parade, an initiative by Marc and Mike Spits, is where top artists create a unique piece of art on an Elephant Parade sculpture. These art pieces are auctioned and sold to the highest bidders during the Elephant Parade events.

In the weeks before these auctions, the art elephants are displayed throughout cities, squares, malls and buildings, coloring our daily life. 

Our agency supported Elephant Parade for some years, developing successful creative campaigns to generate as much publicity, engagement and funds as possible. All to support the bigger goal: saving the elephants from extinction.

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