Marketinc. is an approach to analyse and improve your marketing performance. Many topics are covered during a marketinc. intervention, such as:

Marketing is no exclusivity to marketers. Within your organization, each department plays a role in effective marketing. Outside your company too, there are parties you should involve.

We map possible stakeholders, identify shared and opposite values and goals, and suggest new routes for cooperation, including impact and revenue feasibility studies.

Apart from that, we can empower your marketeers to perform better by delivering proven formats, templates, thoughts, ways of working in areas like:

  • marketing plan development & execution

  • marketing stakeholder management

  • marketing data management

  • marketing & campaign real time dashboarding

  • marketing ROI measurement

  • marketing activity planning, assessment and valuation

  • marketing & business canvassing

Our marketinc. approach opens up a fresh approach and new possibilities both internally and externally.

Our approach has generated disruptive marketing ideas, has improved team collaboration, and has made unexpected alliances possible.


Best practices in marketing, collected during our years of working in this domain. If your marketing needs smart marketing practices, we can help.

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