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In a corporation as large as Microsoft, lots of market and customer data is collected. 

Unfortunately it is no easy matter to bring it all together in a useable and useful format for customer engagement.  

Together with a team at Microsoft we felt a strong desire to use data that was already available somewhere to give proper and tailored advice to the customer.


A 'data hunt' resulted in lots of info, but all quite different in nature, structure and source. A true data mining expedition was required.

We succeeded in bringing together the data into manageable structures and data-parts and were able to translate that data into messaging that made sense.

An elaborate advice reporting format (both print and online) evolved and was presented to corporate account clients.

The specific, tailor made reports with their valuable insights into license structures and management, productivity improvements and possible cost savings were greatly appreciated.  

Benchmarking and best practices added to the overview.

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