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Pacorini is a big global player in cargo and commodities handling, with more than 900 employees in multiple countries.

Their daily business is hard to comprehend for many, due to the sheer numbers and quantities involved.

Pacorini wanted to improve their brand image within the industry and to clarify their activities and qualities to companies outside the industry. Also, with some daughter companies, they wanted to clarify the brand architecture.

We developed a new branch architecture, revamped some logos and house style, and rebuilt a website and focused on making Pacorini’s operations more tangible.


A world map showing Pacorini’s offices and depots, clear icons to express different types of cargo and services, big figures expressed in ways we can all understand. How much coffee a year? Up to 14 billion cups. How much cacao? Enough for almost 260 million bars of chocolate.


Shortly after completion, Pacorini won a prize at an interntional fair for its clear communication. Being clear works.

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