During our years of experience in the marketing and advertising industry we've developed ways of working and actionable formats that are strong and have proven their worth. These concepts, formats and infrastructures can help you too.
A format for business modeling and brainstorming to develop creative and workable formats fast.
An exeptionally smart business automation platform that enables indepth mathematical logic building, tailoring complex customer funnels and 1:1 advice.
Brain Mapping
Discover what's underneath the obvious answers to understand what really drives audiences.
Neurologic formats that provide valuable insights in any product or brand development.
Implement, embed and handover our marketing thinking, insights, spirit and operation to your organization. 
All formats, infrastructure, studio, support and experience to create your own video or live webinar broadcast channel.
3rd Marketing

Fully outsourced brand presence in Northern European countries, powered by our back bone, team and experience in that territory.

NTCP8 is a smart, effective marketing agency. We've tackled complex marketing challenges for leading international brands and have been doing so for years.
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