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Radboud University is a large university in the Netherlands with seven faculties covering a broad range of scientific fields.


Radboud has an impressive record of scientific and educational achievements. Its open and friendly way of working, lack of hierarchy, and a state of the art ‘green’ campus create an inspiring academic environment in which great achievements are possible.


However, Radboud’s public image did not truly reflect the quality and nature of this great university.

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After indepth analysis, our agency spotted multiple areas for improvement.


Some key findings:


Radboud University Nijmegen is recognized and respected worldwide. We advised changing the name to just ‘Radboud University’, which has been implemented.


The open, non-hierarchical working environment of the university with its green open campus and multi-cultural academic cross-pollination of ideas is unique. It creates a fantastic climate for the advancement of scientific thinking and talent. It's what we call ‘The Radboud Way of Working’.


The 2015-2020 campaign theme 'change perspective' was developed by our agency and brings ‘The Radboud Way of Working’ to life.


We continue to support Radboud University. More information is available upon request.

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