Services in detail

We are a full service marketing and advertising agency. We create concepts and campaigns with a dedicated team of marketing professionals, from strategy to execution, across all types of media. On certain topics we work together with carefully selected partners we can rely on, who deliver the same level of quality within their expertise.
With a focus on data driven campaigns, we know how to deal with various and large datasets. We can enrich, normalize, collect and analyse data in the many ways necessary to empower campaigns. Naturally, we have GDPR proof data managment protocols.
Our data driven approach has brought us to work with multiple marketing tools, amongst which marketing automation solutions.

We can help select and implement publishing, eDM, advertising, social, marketing and other (automation) tools.
During our years of working in the marketing domain, we have gained a lot of strategic insights, which we like to use to consult our clients on how to get the most out of their business. 
Data Services
For each campaign a media plan is drafted. NTCP8 can build, fuel and maintain any type of media. There is virtually no media we haven't used before. Online, websites, search, display, social, RTV, POS, fairs, promo teams, print, billboards, mobile, apps, webinars, et cetera.
Omni media
In order to have a grip on performance and to determine pattern development, each campaign is supported by elaborate dashboards. With real time feeds of online and offline activity (e.g. shop coupons or DM bouncers) we follow everything on a minute to minute basis.
Campaigns are usually fairly complex and consist of many types of media, timings and flights. Orchestrating those and keeping track of performance is a ball game in itself. We're good at that and have the best tools and dashboards to aid our exceptionally driven crew.
No idea or plan comes without some research. Be it basic desk research or elaborate quantitative and qualitative research. We can assist in brain mapping, focus groups, large online questionnairs and many more. Getting any industry or audience researched. 
Great ideas, products and brands still need translation into images, catchy taglines, etcetera; a total package to fuel brand experience.

We are experienced brand and campaign developers and can deliver the creative output needed for that.
NTCP8 is a smart, effective marketing agency. We've tackled complex marketing challenges for leading international brands and have been doing so for years.
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