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Safeguarding your capital, let alone growing it, isn’t easy.


Bank interest rates are next to nothing. Stock market investments are insecure and volatile. And real estate ROI is hardly a better proposition.


In today’s climate, it comes as a welcome surprise that some companies can actually promise reasonable results, with very little risks.

The founders of Surence have created a sophisticated investment model with proven results.

With this promise and proof in hand, we worked on a brand name, corporate identity and positioning. The name Surence calls to mind 'assurance' and 'insurance' and is perfectly aligned with the brand promise.

The positioning is different from most wealth management companies. It’s down to earth, less 'posh’ and doesn’t promise the world. It uses clear figures. And, there are no surprises, just peace of mind.

Surence makes a less extravagant, but more credible promise. Because in these volatile times, good performance is great performance.

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