UMC Utrecht

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With enormous commitment, NTCP8 has helped us to determine who we want to be, and how to express that to our audiences through our communications, brand policies and corporate identity. 

By bringing the outside orientation in and by asking critical constructive questions, they have shown a great capacity to understand our complex world in such a short time.

Board of Directors and Internal & External Communications

UMC Utrecht

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With more than 11.000 employees and over a billion euro in turnover, UMC Utrecht is one of the largest University Medical Centers in The Netherlands.

Having undertaken projects within the Julius Center division, we were invited to pitch to redevelop UMC’s corporate identity and to rethink the hospitals market position.


Our belief is that a large hospital like the UMC Utrecht has more than one ‘identity'. In fact we identified multiple excellences in UMC Utrecht.  We translated those into different protocols for different markets, aligning with the classic division of research, care and education.

Brand architecture and positioning guidelines were drafted to stop the excessive growth of sub-brands, while allowing for various brand types within a clear structure under the mother brand.


We translated our approach into a new corporate visual identity, simplifying the corporate logo, developing endorsement formats, and providing clear and concise design guides for communicating the brand and subbrands.

NTCP8 is a smart, effective marketing agency. We've tackled complex marketing challenges for leading international brands and have been doing so for years.
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