Webtalks are online video stories, told by you, that are broadcast live or recorded and watched at a later time by the audience.


Our custom, brandable interface lets you interact with the audience by using multiple combinations of polls, Q&As and more, in both audio and video formats.


Anyone, anywhere, can be invited to participate, as long as they have an internet enabled device.


Whether you require a product introduction, lecture, strategy pitch or anything else, different formats can be crafted to suit your needs and objectives.


Webinars are a cost effective channel with strong customer engagement. Using cutting edge tech and different formats, we can deliver you the best interactive online video broadcasting.

Apart from delivering you top notch technology*, we work with you to develop a strong format.

There are multiple possibilities, ranging from a one-off event, to a 'video channel' that you use to build up a strong base of loyal followers.


All your communications before, during, and after broadcast are integrated to work together. Including webkey-DM and eDM invitations, social, FAQs as well as slides, e-books, and white paper downloads.

Some of our clients started creating their content with us years ago and are still broadcasting via their own online channels. For example, BSA | The Software Alliance with its 'Live Sessions', and RetailPEP and its 'RePEPtalks'.

As well as filming in a studio with multiple camera standpoints, green screens, motion graphics and interactive poll and Q&A technology, we can integrate outdoor 'on location' and drone footage to create a professional standard broadcast.

You can rent all necessary live webinar studio equipment for your first channel launches.

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