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Zekerzuinig, a new energy label supported by the PON group, has a different approach on pushing sustainable energy. Because many households might not have the funds to invest in solar panels, efficient boilers or double glazing, Zekerzuinig finances these improvement that can be paid for by the reduction on energy expenses.

As such, Zekerzuinig combines a one stop shop, full service package of financing, installation and maintenance of high tech sustainable equipment as well as the delivery of green electricty and gas.

NTCP8 developed the corporate identity as well as campaign plans and collateral. The approach was highly 1:1.

We combined large datasets of the housing capacity in The Netherlands, their building date and original energy label, combined with income per postal code and (by ratio) the expected renovation status to date.

Through this data, and by generating a local visual of a house through Google Streetview, we could present a true 1:1 offer to many households with tailored analysis and suggestions.

NTCP8 is a smart, effective marketing agency. We've tackled complex marketing challenges for leading international brands and have been doing so for years.
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